After a Mud Bath

After a Mud Bath Watercolor Painting

Listen to the poem.

After a mud bath,
the bearded llama beholds his inner devil
who whispers sexual possibilities in his ear
beside the Andean totem tree
where the winged serpent hovers above the female branch,
whose occupant converses with the beast in the canopy
that dangles like ripe fruit from the underbelly of the great dog
that is balanced on the head
of the armless yet long-legged creature
whose third eye resides in his left foot.

Some matriarch with pursed lips watches from the sidelines
while her descendants,
numerous as the stars in her astrological sign,
beam at her.

Behind them,
the patron saint of problematic relationships
communes with her left and right heart ventricles
as she turns her head sideways
while listening to round about tales
some other mother
tells to her not yet born progeny,
while the five-limbed monster
at the bottom of the pool


This Demitasse painting will be in the New Mexico Watercolor Society Fall Exhibition in October, 2021.

Image size: 11″ x 13″

Framed size: 19″ x 20″

Price: $495