Goat Island (aka Kellys Station), Louisville, TN

Goat Island (aka Kellys Station), Louisville, TN, Watercolor Painting

In April of 2021, I participated in the Artists on Location – a Plein Air Painting Event, a fundraiser for the Knoxville Museum of Art in my hometown in Tennessee.  The week before the event, I painted daily from a kayak on Fort Loudoun Lake, in the coves around Louisville where I spent every summer when I was growing up.  For this painting, I wedged my kayak into the rocks on the shore and looped my rope over a tree.  Across the water from me was an island I have called Goat Island for years, even though I’ve never seen a goat there.  There is a rookery on the island, with great blue herons.  There are also cormorants in the trees.  After doing this painting, I researched the name of this island.  It is called Kellys Station or Kellys Fort, after what was there when TVA flooded the Tennessee River, dammed it up, and created Fort Loudoun Lake.

Information  Image size: 7” x 10” Framed size: 13” x 16”  Price: $450