In the Demitasse Ring

In the Demitasse Ring watercolor painting

Listen to the poem

In the Demitasse ring,
the king rooster holds up his chocolate prize
to the big-footed alligator in the fetching skirt
who raises her unidentified offering
to the firmament.

The faceless Saint of Lost Stories,
standing with his back to you,
launches an aeronaut with his right arm
and with his left pushes Elvis’s caravan,
the goat, the dog, and the once famous Mouseketeer,
into the lights.

In the next auditorium over,
the big-headed tenor with the Roman nose
fills the whole space with his voice.

in the floating village,
the sleepy guardian carries the inhabitants’ worries
on his back,
while at the border
the two-faced sentinel
smokes a right-angled cigar,
feeling warm in his coat
made from the hides of ancient creatures.

Billy the Kid (goat),
with a vertical pupil in his one eye,
stands on his hind legs
and points a piece of bitter chocolate at you
from his left front hoof,
flanked on one side by the fire dancer
and on the other by a guitar toting minstrel.

Under the Drinking Gourd constellation,
the witch with the chocolate pupil and the sea salt tear
and the white rabbit with its ears stuffed in a pill box hat
keep watch.


Image size: 15″ x 22″

Matted, unframed

Price: $695