Swirling Creation

Swirling Creation Watercolor Painting

Listen to the poem

The earth goddess looks down on her swirling creation,
at the forest on fire,
at her children’s stinging tears
and shapes a storyteller out of chocolate
into whom she breathes life.

The storyteller,
with children gathered around her patchwork blanket,
tells the tale of the minstrel,
who while traveling under the frog constellation,
happens upon the Kakawa Demiverse,
where the very hills are made of once molten chocolate,
where creatures cavort in the sweet and bitter substance,
slipping and sliding under the the unblinking eye
of the general in the shark hat,
who guards the entrance to the theobroma infused land
to keep out ogres and Elvis impersonators.


This painting won the Award of Excellence – Non-representational in the MasterWorks of New Mexico 2021 exhibition. 

Image size:  15” x 22.”

Framed size: 25” x 32.”

Price: $895.