Flying Fish

Flying Fish Watercolor Painting
Susan #1, Fri Jun 05, 2020, 4:31:47 PM, 16C, 8984x11610, (400+1062), 125%, Repro 2.2 v2, 1/40 s, R75.2, G44.3, B58.0

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A flying fish soars over a sea
full of frolicking schools of its fellows
while a cruise ship anchored in a crowded inlet  
is being overtaken by a biological threat,
an unidentified airborne menace.

A pirate ship sails the dark night
on the lookout for prey.

Little creatures on the shore
attend tea parties,
astonished by all the hullabaloo.

Lush tropical islands fade away
as heavy skies bear down.

Cells divide sluggishly
while the wise one watches.

Mt. Pinatubo slumbers,
dreaming of deep red sunsets.


Image size: 11” x 15.” 

Framed size: 19” x 23.”

Price: $495.