He-wolf and She-deer

He-wolf and She-deer Watercolor Painting

Listen to the poem

He-wolf and She-deer,
wild creatures joined at the nose,
have been united so long
their edges overlap and slough off,
sending shadow particles all around.

They cast their vision into space,
reaching towards God’s eye,
where an ancient scene unfolds,
of you climbing out of the sea,
not as an amphibian with a tail,
but as a fully formed human.

At your back,
a black sun winks.

Watching over you is a madonna
riding an enormous wide-eyed invertebrate
with a long snout.

A double chinned nanny in a white cap
follows your progress,
as the white rabbit dreams you.

You, newly emerged,
remember the language of fish,
bubbles rising in your lizard brain.


Image size:  15” x 22.”

Framed size: 25” x 32.”

Price: $895.