Listen to My Tale

Listen to My Tale Watercolor Painting

Listen to the poem

Listen to my tale:
I am the figurehead
of a woman with windswept hair
who guides the upturned ship
through the dark night,
while an imp rides the air currents
in my trailing slipstream,
a holy man drafting on its cheek.

To the north,
on Owl Island,
I hear the screaming rabbit
who terrifies the islanders hiding in caves.

On the lee shore,
I see a fox at the edge of a sandy beach,
as the outgoing tide reveals the tiny bubbles of clams.

Below the sea’s surface,
I know of an underwater market
where lost sailors find their spirit animals.

At this very moment,
in the deepest depression on the ocean floor
I can feel the vibrations
as the most powerful of them all,
a baby dragon,
breaks out of its shell
and swims towards my vessel’s lights,
to free me from my bondage.


This painting is the cover image on my book, Demitasse: Point of Departure: Paintings and Poems

Image size:  5” x 7.”

Framed size: 13” x 15.”

Price: $395.