In Red Rock Country

In Red Rock Country Watercolor Painting

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In Red Rock Country, where hoodoos tower
and slot canyons tunnel to hidden streams,
the dreaded virus descends
and even the tiny isolated towns
under spacious skies
are exposed.

In concentrated population centers,
faces peer out high-rise windows
and grimace.

Deep in the forest
a giant sequoia stands tall
in the spring winds
and the Great Bear shines down
upon mountain peaks
throwing off their blankets of snow.

A mountain lion slakes his thirst
in the icy clear waterfall and sees the face
of drowned Narcissus beneath the surface.


This painting was in the Western Federation of Watercolor Society’s 2021 exhibition.

Image size:  13” x 21.”

Framed size: 21” x 29.”

Price: $795