Not the Industrial Revolution

Not the Industrial Revolution Watercolor Painting
Susan #2, Fri Jun 05, 2020, 4:16:27 PM, 16C, 8984x11610, (400+1062), 125%, Repro 2.2 v2, 1/40 s, R75.2, G44.3, B58.0

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This is not the Industrial Revolution
where coal dust and fog filled the air.

This is a more sinister seemingly invisible threat
of sometimes deadly particles coughed out
and attaching to any lungs around.

So we close ourselves in our makeshift castles
and cook and clean frenetically.

From our lonely windows we look out
and breathe our solitary inhalations and exhalations,
caring for our anxious bodies and fearful brains,
waiting for the curve to flatten
and the skies to clear.

From a distance we reach out
to comfort those we love
and those whose plights are dire.


Image size:  12” x 15.”

Framed size: 20” x 23.”

Price: $595.