You Are Anchored

You Are Anchored Watercolor Painting

Listen to the poem

You are anchored where moss mostly grows on your north side,
where angels fling off their masks and sing,
and where a tree on the mountain crest perpetually leans
from the strong winds cutting through the flat river valley.

You are a stag teetering on your hind legs,
a floppy-eared hound after a big-eyed goat.

You are hidden in a copse of trees in a newly silenced land,
your heart your calling card.

You protect the mother robin and her eggs
from the no longer curious cat
and the peace of enforced isolation washes over you.


This painting won first place in the New Mexico Watercolor Society’s 2020 Fall Exhibition. 

Image size:  15” x 22.”

Framed size: 25” x 32.”

Price: $1050.