Demitasse: Point of Departure


Art book Demitasse: Point of Departure, features beautifully reproduced artwork from the series of the same name, along with the poems that inspired the artwork.

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To create a Demitasse painting, Susan starts with a small demitasse cup of hot chocolate. This isn’t just any hot chocolate, though. It’s her own twist on French hot chocolate, which includes New Mexican red chile powder and a copious quantity of raw cacao nibs (get the recipe here). Then, in the tradition of Turkish fortune telling, she flips the demitasse upside down and allows the chocolate to run down the sides of the cup. Next, starting at the handle of the cup and moving around in a circle, she interprets the shapes within, applying her imagination to the abstract impressions on the cup. From this series of images, she writes a poem. Finally, using the poem as a loose inspiration, she then creates a wildly imaginative, colorful painting.

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